Aerospace Hangar Buildings

Our metal Hangar Buildings are designed to your requirements.
Whether you are looking for a light, intermediate, or large aircraft hangar we will custom design it.
We supply column free clear spans as wide as 220 ft.
Whether a standard design or asymmetrical design, they can be supplied with hardwall exterior finishes, or panels.
Options for opening vary. They include rolling doors, stacking doors, bi-fold doors, or overhead garage doors.
We can design office space, mezzanine areas, warehousing areas, racking systems for storage
U.I. Steel can and will provide an efficient, functional, solution.
Our engineers are registered and utilize high level computer engineering incorporated in your design.
This ensures faster assembly times, lower costs, and a simplified project flow.

Your job will be on time or ahead of schedule.

1.) We meet all our delivery promises.

2.) We will give you the most economical product without compromising integrity.

3.) Customer Service is our goal, we do what it takes to earn repeat business and recommendations.

4.) We have the best engineers available so our product will be flawless.

5.) U.I. Steel responds to a higher authority with integrity above and beyond all.

United Industrial Steel provides assistance in the design, the orders and the purchasing of the Metal Building Systems from the Manufacturer for resale

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