Warehouse and Logistic Metal Buildings

Clear Span Frame design along with our long bay systems provides large areas of open floor space with few interior columns. This open design offers freedom of movement from interior obstructions, maximizing operating efficiency and the use of space. Which offers a clean, uncluttered space that is ideal for distribution and warehousing purposes.

Our mills provide seven Vulcraft divisions devoted to the production of steel joists. We combine the economy of bar joists and long span capability with the efficiency of tapered rigid frame members, which results in a facility with wide open spaces at an affordable price.

Our rigid frame design makes it possible to incorporate tilt-up, concrete, masonry, pre-cast, and metal walls into your building design. We offer design available with practically any dimensional needs you may require, and interior column spacings are adjustable. Our buildings are fully adaptable to a number of energy insulation systems ranging from insulating wall systems or rigid board to basic fiberglass systems.

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