Agricultural Metal Buildings

Our mills, being one of the leading manufacturers of steel buildings in North America offers our customers practical, versatile and durable agricultural structures, which can be used for many purposes. Available designs including high eaves, expandable end walls and clear span frames.

Your Agri-building can be designed with future expansion in mind, whether for business or personal purposes. Your building can grow to meet your needs for years to come, as your need for space grows.

Your building will be design to house your costly equipment and precious livestock; where they’re not just stored but also protected. Designed to resist the elements while protecting your investment. Whether the building you need is a livestock arena, barn or storage, our buildings offer maximum design flexibility, meeting the local building codes and certified by our engineers for your specific location.


  1. We meet all our delivery promises.
  2. We will give you the most economical product without compromising integrity.
  3. Customer Service is our goal, we do what it takes to earn repeat business and recommendations.
  4. We have the best engineers available so our product will be flawless.
  5. U.I. Steel responds to a higher authority with integrity above and beyond all.