Tropical Climate Metal Buildings

Tropical environments are unique. They call for manufacturing standards above and beyond normal conditions.
Our engineers use technology to design buildings for the region.
Our buildings are designed to resist the elements. They can withstand winds of up to 150 mph.
With our rigid frame design our buildings actually flex under high pressure caused by winds.
We use CFR standing seam Roof  systems, this is a weather tight system available in a variety of finishes
Our roof has been vigorously tested to ensure performance and resist uplift.
They come with a wide range of options for insulation.
Overall our Tropical Climate Buildings will ensure a long lasting weather proof safe haven.

1.) We meet all our delivery promises.

2.) We will give you the most economical product without compromising integrity.

3.) Customer Service is our goal, we do what it takes to earn repeat business and recommendations.

4.) We have the best engineers available so our product will be flawless.

5.) U.I. Steel responds to a higher authority with integrity above and beyond all.

United Industrial Steel provides assistance in the design, the orders and the purchasing of the Metal Building Systems from the Manufacturer for resale

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