Industrial and Crane Buildings

Our industrial buildings provide the environment needed to lift or move large or heavy objects. We will provide an economical solution for your needs, that will result in an affordable, functional facility that meets your requirements as time passes by.

The need for independent crane systems can be reduced or eliminated all together based on a design on your choosing. Your building can be structured to handle the loads imposed on the structure by the crane system, which due to the elimination of redundant crane systems usually result in substantial savings.

We have designed, fabricated and shipped thousands of industrial buildings which has earned us a highly respected reputation in mill building applications.

Our building design can be easily adapted to support most crane systems. Our engineers will design a structural system to accommodate the crane design specified by your project manager.

We offer the advantages of energy efficiency and flexibility of design, creating a facility suited for your needs.

  1. We meet all our delivery promises.
  2. We will give you the most economical product without compromising integrity.
  3. Customer Service is our goal, we do what it takes to earn repeat business and recommendations.
  4. We have the best engineers available so our product will be flawless.
  5. U.I. Steel responds to a higher authority with integrity above and beyond all.