Nucor Buildings Group Introduces the

FastFlexTM Structure Product Line

FastFlex 40’x40’ Modular Building System

The FastFlex 40’x40’ modular style buildings are designed using single slope buildings – which can connect by width or length (with the option to add unlimited 20’ bays) – and have a 15’ 8” high eave and include three frames, sub-structure, wall and roof panels and can accommodate various doors and windows. The modular system allows for immense flexibility in the layout and configuration of buildings. These buildings can be fabricated and delivered anywhere in the United States in as little as 3 weeks. The FastFlex 40’x40’ Modular Buildings will be available to order immediately. 
 Potential Applications:
  • Screening buildings
  • Drive through testing
  • Triage
  • Temporary offices
  • Supply storage
  • Short term isolation centers
  • Insurance Companies

FastFlex Pre-Fabricated Buildings

We also understand that labor may be difficult to find right now and going forward.  Therefore, we are also offering the FastFlex Pre-Fabricated building line.  These buildings have been designed, detailed and will be delivered preassembled sized at 11’ wide by 27’ long using single slope buildings with a high eave of 11’-3 ½ ”.  These buildings can be shipped on a standard flatbed semi-trailer.

They arrive fully assembled including a b-deck floor system. Two buildings can be connected at the high sidewall to create a 22’ wide by 27’ long gabled, clear span building.  If you have a client who has a critical need – it’s the fastest, easiest solution.  These buildings can be delivered anywhere in the United States within a few weeks. These will be available to order soon.

We specialize in Export within a few weeks.

Other sizes will be available to order soon

We have a Covid Sanitized compliant crew available for Emergency installation with Factory Certified Installers.

This covers all Warranties, Factory compliance and all governmental requirement